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5th July 2022. Pre-orders for 'A Path of Shadows'

Published later this month, pre-orders for John Porter's wonderful new book, his first poetry collection, A Path of Shadows, are now live.

The first 100 pre-orders will receive a free limited edition print of John on Changabang, signed by John. All pre-ordered books will of course be signed by him too!

30th June 2022. First look at the cover for Faye Latham's 'British Mountaineers'

Here's a first look at the cover of Faye Latham's 'British Mountaineers'. We'll be opening pre-orders in a few weeks. In the meantime read an interview with Faye and some more details about her wonderful collection by clicking below.

6th May 2022. An interview with John Porter, discussing his poetry collection A Path of Shadows.

We're very pleased to announce another of our 2022 books - A Path of Shadows - John Porter's debut poetry collection.

31st January 2022. Introducing Faye Latham and her debut poetry collection, British Mountaineers.

We're really excited to share with you some news of one of our 2022 books - Faye Latham's debut poetry collection British Mountaineers.

13th January 2022. Interview with Twisted Mountains author, Tim Woods.

We published Twisted Mountains late last year. A collection of short stories that has been described as 'Tales of the Unexpected for the hills... dark, witty, perceptive, and occasionally even lyrical.' by UKHillWalking in their top book picks of 2021, we thought we would take some time to introduce the book's author, Tim Woods, and to find out where he got his inspiration for these dark tales.

Please introduce yourself - where you live, where you have lived.

I currently live in Berlin, which is a wonderful city in many ways, but distinctly lacking in mountains. In the past, I have been lucky enough to live in several places with good walking nearby. Brighton, Lancaster, Sheffield, Aberfoyle… I even spent two years in the Accra – the capital of Ghana - which has some excellent hills not too far away.

Tim Woods

What was your inspiration to write Twisted Mountains?

Perhaps it was frustration more than inspiration; moving to Berlin and starting a family made it much trickier to get my regular outdoors fix. I spent three days in Knoydart not long before my daughter was born, and promised myself I’d return to Scotland every year… it’s now six years and counting since I was there! So writing about mountains was, I suppose, a bit of therapy – a way to revisit the places I have explored and adored at a time when it’s not easy getting there.

There are some interesting characters in the book - how did you think up them and the stories you write about them?

While my main love is walking, I have enjoyed plenty of other outdoors activities. I was, at various points, an outdoor instructor in Scotland, a hut warden in New Zealand, a caver, a DOE expedition leader, a conservation volunteer. And while I have read many excellent books about mountaineering and mountaineers, I felt there were other stories to tell about the people who have their reasons to be in the great outdoors.

One inspiration was Terry Abraham’s film about Helvellyn. I had expected a documentary about the mountain itself, but in fact he tells the story of the people who live around it – and I found that fascinating. So maybe Twisted Mountains is my attempt to do something similar.

As for the stories – quite a few of them grew from incidents I experienced or heard about. A friend of mine once found a dead body on a hill; I met a man who was obsessed with Dartmoor and Sherlock Holmes. And someone I met in a youth hostel who vehemently detested Alfred Wainwright! So I took those ideas and embellished them with a bit of sex and violence.

What is your own favourite story in the book?

No Experience Necessary, about a conservation volunteer, is probably my favourite. First Ascent is the one I’m most proud of. And Two Hundred And Eighty Two is the closest any of them get to being about me (don’t tell my kids, though).

What is your favourite mountain or place in the book?

My favourite mountain in the UK is An Teallach, so it’s a bit strange (now I think about it) that it didn’t make it into any of the stories. But I was lucky enough to live near Ben Arthur for a while, and went there many times. It’s a wonderful hill, so I’ll go for that one. I also love the Brecon Beacons – it’s where I did a lot of walking as a teenager – and so I enjoyed writing Like Father, Like Son, which is set around there.

Have you any ideas for other books?

I am trying to work on a novel set in a climate-ravaged England in 2060. It’s quite hard not to make it too preachy though, and it is slow going due to the aforementioned kids and work. But I am also hoping to get out to the mountains again soon, and maybe get some further ideas for short stories!

Tim Woods is the author of Twisted Mountains, a collection of short stories set among the hills of England, Scotland and Wales. Each story tells of someone who has their own reasons to be in the mountains. From a vengeful student to obsessive hostel owner, the wannabe biker to the Wainwright expert with a secret. Varied in their subjects, all have mountains at their heart, dark humour and surprises.

Twisted Mountains has a foreword by award-winning poet and writer Helen Mort. You can order it from our online bookshop.

16th December 2021. Twisted Mountains and Mountain Stories reviews and more.

As ever the autumn has been busy here at Little Peak. Tim Woods' Twisted Mountains and Heather Dawe's Mountain Stories were both published in October.

Since their publication it's been fantastic to see and hear the reaction to both books. Thank you to everyone who has supported them so far.

We're really pleased to say that the most recent reviews of these two books can be found in UKHillwalking and UKClimbing's book picks of 2021. Two lovely reviews and a fair few other recommended reads make for a great read in itself.

Your reviews of our books are always incredibly welcome. You can add one on this website eg. here, places like GoodReads and Amazon are also very helpful for us (as a small publisher we are forever needing the boost!). Thank you.

Tim and Heather have both been busy bees these past few months. They are planning an online talk about their books in the New Year along with a couple of special guests so watch this space for more details.


26th November 2021. New book review.

Our most recent review is of Boundary Songs. This review is by Traceless author Geoff Cox.

It's the Lake District, but not in the way so many guidebooks and other literature portray it. A realist view from the fringes towards the Lakes' romantic centre.

14th September 2021. Pre-orders open for Twisted Mountains.

'I am drawn to Tim Woods' writing because it explores what is carried, what is lost as well as what is found, placing mountain adventures in the context of complex (and often far from admirable) lives. Put simply, I love these stories.'

Helen Mort, from the foreword for Twisted Mountains.

Pre-orders for Twisted Mountains are now open. A collection of short stories set among the summits of England, Scotland and Wales, from Ben Hope to the South Downs, each tells of someone who has their own reasons to be in the mountains. From a vengeful student to obsessive hostel owner, the wannabe biker to the Wainwright expert with a secret. While the stories are varied in their subjects, all have mountains at their heart and a dark humour running through them.

Authored by Tim Woods, Twisted Mountains provides a different take on the characters you find in and around the mountains. Tim tells their stories in the characters' varied voices, in ways that are shocking, dark, funny and sad, sometimes all at once. Read one of these stories - Ysgolion Duon - on our blog.

All pre-orders include free UK P&P, a cloth badge, beer mat and a postcard to say thanks.

30th August 2021. Book Review: Tim Woods reviews 'Snow, Dog, Foot'

We've just put the second of our book reviews live. Claudio Morandini's modern day classic Snow, Dog, Foot is reviewed by Tim Woods, author of Twisted Mountains.

The icy oblivion of the Alps seen through the eyes of a hermit.

First published in 2015, Neve, Cane, Piede is Claudio Morandini's sixth book. A literary phenomenon, top-five Italian bestseller, it won the Procida-Elsa Morante-Isola di Arturo prize in 2016. It has been translated into French, Spanish, Turkish and now English by Pierene Press.

7th July 2021. Pre-orders for Mountain Stories.

We've just opened orders for Heather Dawe's Mountain Stories. All pre-orders include free UK P&P and a cloth badge. The first 100 orders also include a free limited edition signed print of the book's front cover illustration, the Five Sisters of Kintail during a cloud inversion.

11th June. Mountain Stories update.

We're just putting the final touches to the editing of Heather Dawe's new book Mountain Stories. It will be published in October and is a collection of writing and sketches of journeys in and around the Scottish Highlands and Islands. All of these stories were written during lockdown, Heather wrote about and illustrated her memories as a means of getting to the Highlands and Island when she couldn't do this physically. Along with mountain and sea journeys, in the book Heather explores the culture of the Highlands and Islands, and writes how their landscape and history have inspired her own writing and painting, as well as those of other artists and writers. With journeys set in places such as Assynt and the Far North, Knoydart, Fisherfield, the Outer Hebrides and Skye's Cuillin, if you have a love for high, wild places we're hopeful this could be a book for you.

We're also very excited to be able to say that Mountain Stories has a Foreword written by Arran resident, Mountain Leader and President of Scottish Ramblers, Lucy Wallace. We felt it would be perfect if Lucy could write this for us and the inspiring words she has written form a brilliant introduction to the book.

Pre-orders for Mountain Stories will open in July. You can also read three of the stories on Heather's blog.

8th June 2021. Throughout June 2021 get a 20% discount on Little Peak books.

Need some adventurous summer reading? Throughout June get a 20% discount on all Little Peak books when you order direct from us. Please use coupon code JUNE20 during checkout. All orders include free UK postage :o)

28th May 2021. Twisted Mountains.

You meet all sorts in the mountains. Young and old, rich and poor, those with a kind heart and those who are pure evil…

Some news about the second book we will be publishing this year - Twisted Mountains - Tall Tales From Britain’s High Places. A collection of short stories set among the summits of England, Scotland and Wales, from Ben Hope to the South Downs. Each tells the story of someone who has their own reasons to be in the mountains. From a vengeful student to obsessive hostel owner, the wannabe biker to the Wainwright expert with a secret. While the stories are varied in their subjects, all have mountains at their heart and a dark humour running through them.

Authored by Tim Woods, Twisted Mountains provides a different take on the characters you find in and around the mountains. Tim tells their stories in the characters' varied voices, in ways that are shocking, dark, funny and sad, sometimes all at once.

We'll be publishing Twisted Mountains in October, opening pre-orders soon and blogging a story or two in the coming months so you can see why we like them so much. An enticing bit of UK noir, with mountains as a central theme.

20th May 2021. New books for 2021 and cloth badges.

We've been busy recently getting Heather Dawe's Mountain Stories through it's final editing and then ready for going to print. We will soon be ready to tell you more about the other book we will also be publishing this October. It's a collection of short stories inspired by Britain's high places and the characters found in them and it's called Twisted Mountains. We're just finalising its cover at the moment and will share it soon, along with one of the short stories from the book to hopefully whet your reading appetites.

All direct orders for books to our online bookshop are very gratefully received (and frankly enable us to make new books!). These also include a free cloth badge. Here's the one we're currently including with orders and the design for a new one that should be arriving with us in the next week or so.

26th April 2021. Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross online archive.

Here's some news about one of the books we're working on. Since late 2019, Jo and Heather have been preparing the content for and writing John's Race - the story of the Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross. This book tells the stories of the Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross and its creator and first winner: the late, great John Rawnsley.

26th March 2021. Mountain Stories.

A bit more news about this year's books. In a turn around from February, we are going to publish Heather Dawe's Mountain Stories this autumn instead of next spring.

Here is the book's cover and a few words from Heather: "I have been writing mountain stories since last September. I've put three of these online and now have an additional eight, a book's worth. Written almost entirely in lockdown or some kind of movement restriction, Mountain Stories is a book of memories and sketches of some of my past journeys in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

Through this time I have missed the mountains, reliving old journeys through my writing and sketching has been enlightening in that I've realised just how powerful memories can be. I have written and sketched Skye's Cuillin, Assynt, Knoydart, Mull, Kintail and a number of other highland regions and islands. Always self-propelled, my mode of transport varies between walking,running, cycling, sea-kayaking or some combination.

Visiting and writing of these places has also led me to explore their history and culture, the folklore of the Highlands, some of which make their way into these stories.

The image on the book's cover is a scene from a cloud inversion I saw during a run along the Five Sisters of Kintail. Along with the words, Mountain Stories will be illustrated with about 20 of my sketches."

We will open pre-orders over the next couple of months. In the meantime you can read the three online stories here and a related piece Heather wrote for The Guardian here.

In addition, we are now tentatively accepting submissions for potential publication in 2022 and beyond. We say tentative as, like many others, we have been impacted by the pandemic and have had to rein in our publishing plans for 2021, which could happen again next year. Let's hope not! If you're interested please take a look at our submissions page.